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While BlueStacks is probably the easiest way to go about testing Android apps in an emulator on your PC, it does not allow you to play around with the core settings that make up the Android operating system. The Android-x86 project takes it one step further to give you the full Android experience through an emulator. In order to get the Android-x86 emulator for your PC, you'll have to do a few things first...

  • Download and install VirtualBox for Windows Hosts (Download VirtualBox for Mac hosts if you wish to install Android-x86 on a Mac)
  • Download the most recent Android-x86 emulator build for Asus EeePC (4.0 RC1 as of this writing)
  • Build a new virtual machine using the Android-x86 emulator ISO in VirtualBox
Once installed, you can run your new Android emulator on your PC as a virtual machine. Just load it in VirtualBox and use it exactly as you would a native Android device.

For an in-depth look at installing the Android-x86 emulator for your PC, follow this video and instructions:

  1. Click 'New' to build a new virtual machine for the Android emulator
  2. Name the new machine Android-x86 and select Linux 2.6 as the OS Type.
  3. Increase the base memory to 516MB
  4. Click 'Next' a few times until finished, then click 'Create'
  5. Select your newly created virtual machine and click 'Settings'
  6. Select 'Audio' and change your Audio Controller from AC97 to SoundBlaster 16
  7. Select the 'Android-x86' virtual machine and click 'Start'
  8. In the 'First Run Wizard' click 'Next,' then change 'Host Drive F:' to include the eeepc .iso file you downloaded previously from android-x86.org.
  9. Click 'Start'
  10. Select the first option and press 'Enter' (Hit tab first if you wish to boot into higher resolutions)
  11. Wait about a minute for it to boot.
  12. And then another minute of the Welcome screen...
  13. Use the arrow and enter keys to pick your settings.
  14. (Not in the video) - To enable your mouse, right-click on the mouse icon of VirtualBox and select 'Disable Mouse Integration'
  15. Get the Internet working on Android-x86 in VirtualBox
  16. Check out where the Android-x86 hardware keys are mapped
  17. Learn how to install apps on your Android-x86 emulator

  1. Unknown September 21, 2012 at 7:42 AM  

    Hi.. Dude
    Thanks its working
    But How to Move After the Welcome Screen My Mouse and Keyboard cannot select the option
    Please Help ME!!!

  2. caris November 30, 2020 at 4:32 AM