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1. Get rid of long distance calls.

With an Android emulator installed on your PC you have the ability to make all your calls using your Internet connection and various Android apps. Skype, Tango, and Google Voice all allow for placing calls directly through your Android emulator of choice. By using this method you'll never have to buy a calling card or wait for "off-peak" minutes again!

2. Get rid of your texting plan.

Using your Android emulator there are several options available to you that allow you to send texts from your computer. You can use the built-in texting features of Google Voice through your emulator and do away with your texting plan entirely. Or if your friends and family members are using a smartphone-specific app such as Kik Messenger, you can install Kik on your Android emulator to send and receive BBM-style messages to anyone with an Internet connection.

3. Turn off your phone while at your desk.

Historically, Android devices have not always been the best at keeping a charge. With an Android emulator installed on your PC you can have all your favorite apps running through your computer and turn off your phone while sitting at your desk. This way you'll save battery and save yourself the hassle of charging your phone later in the day when you most need it.

4. Use Android widgets on your PC.

There are countless Android widgets available on the market that do everything from tell you the temperature to give you live stock quotes. Most of these widgets are not available for Windows 7, so with an Android emulator you can install the widgets and have access to all your important, custom-tailored information without ever opening a web browser.

5. Avoid buying an expensive Android device.

If you're in the unique position where having an Android device would be greatly beneficial for you, but you can't afford to buy an Android phone plus a cell phone plan, you're in luck. If you have a computer you can install an Android emulator and get all the benefits that any Android device would offer -- for free! With an Android emulator installed on your PC you can simply launch the Android operating system and download any fully working, Android-specific apps you'd like.

Obviously, installing a free Android emulator on your PC such as Android-x86 or BlueStacks makes it easy to save time and money. So, what are you waiting for? Check out this video to install Android-x86 on your PC in less than 5 minutes, then get saving!