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You've already read what an Android Emulator is, but that may not explain why you should install one. Obviously, the more software you install on your PC the slower it processes in the long run. So, why would you want to install an Android Emulator for your PC? Here are a few reasons...

  • Full access to downloads from the Android App (Google Play) store without purchasing an Android phone
  • Ability to test apps you develop without needing an Android phone
  • Make free voice calls from Android apps you can't download on your PC
  • Play exclusive Android games not available for PC
  • Test different Android operating systems before loading them onto your Android device
  • Send text messages through Android-based apps using your computer's keyboard
  • Easily record video tutorials of Android-based apps on your PC
Installing an Android emulator for your PC opens unlimited possibilities for your PC that you otherwise wouldn't have access to. These days with app development booming at an exponentially increasing rate, you're more likely to find up to date software for the Android platform than you would for anything on your PC or other technical devices. 

I hope by now you realize that installing an Android emulator for your PC is now a respectable (and minimal) investment of your time... Which brings us to the next question...

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